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 HLS Mineral Energy Supplement

Engineered for beef and dairy cattle

The HLS Mineral Energy Supplement is a granulated mineral added to cooked molasses. It is used where protein is adequate, such as in high-quality summer forages or on winter forages. HLS™ Mineral Energy Supplement is an excellent mineral to use in unison with other types of protein supplements. All the good nutrients in the world do not mean a thing if your cattle will not eat them. Every trick known has been tried to coax cattle into nibbling a few precious ounces of vitamins and minerals. With HLS™ Mineral Energy Supplement, palatability is not a problem because the vitamins and minerals are blended into a palatable molasses base.

Advantages of HLS™ Mineral Energy

  • Extremely palatable
  • No feeder required
  • Increased reproductive performance
  • No waste
  • No salt, fillers or binders
  • Controlled consumption
  • Most efficient way to feed minerals
  • Cattle get the added advantage of the available carbohydrates from the cooked molasses, that improves forage utilization. You cannot get this out of granulated minerals.



HLS Mineral Energy Supplement


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HLS Mineral Energy Supplement

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