Breeding Season

Don’t forget the bulls. Give them the extra energy and nutrition to get your herd bred. Hudson Livestock Supplements uses only the highest quality, highest sugar content molasses in our tubs. Molasses is a readily digestible source of energy, which stimulates the digestive system, improving digestion. Enhancing your animals’ ability to get the most out of your pasture as well as providing the added nutrients that are in the tub.

Bulls should be in good condition prior to breeding season, so begin evaluating body condition four to five months before breading season to achieve a body condition score of six. Sixty days prior to breeding is a critical time since sperm is being produced for the upcoming breeding season. The use of HLS cooked molasses tubs improves the absorption of nutrients for improved reproductive performance of both the bulls and the cows.

Let HLS tubs keep working for you during the breeding season.  Cattle on HLS tubs are better able to maintain body condition and produce a healthy calf crop.

Michael Reavis, P.A.S.