Fly Buster Stocker Gold

 Fly Buster Stocker Gold

fly buster equine max
Formulated for beef cattle

Fly Buster Stocker Gold is formulated for calves and yearlings going to pasture. Fly Buster Stocker Gold has been formulated for young growing animals to promote digestion and intake, and to support a healthy immune system. Reduce cattle stress by giving your livestock the best protection from horn flies while providing necessary minerals, vitamins and trace minerals required for young growing animals.

Advantages of Fly Buster™ Stocker Gold
  • 24/7 Fly control
  • High Energy
  • High Digestibility
  • High Quality Proteins
  • Improved Health
  • Stronger healthier calves
  • Enhances rumen fermentation
  • No Waste
  • Weather Resistant



Crude Protein (Min)20.00%Potassium (Min)3.00%
NPN - not more than6.00%Zinc (Min)1200 ppm
Crude Fat (Min)6.00%Manganese (Min)1000 ppm
Crude Fiber (Max)2.00%Copper (Min)300 ppm
Calcium (Min)2.00%Cobalt (Min)45 ppm
Calcium (Max)3.00%Iodine (Min)40 ppm
Phosphorus (Min)1.00%Selenium (Min)6 ppm
Salt (Min)4.50%Vitamin A (Min)100,000 IU/lb
Salt (Max)5.50%Vitamin D (Min)20,000 IU/lb
Magnesium (Min)1.00%Vitamin E (Min)200 IU/lb
Total Sugars (Min)34.00%
Active Ingredients: By Weight