Forage Extender 12

 Forage Extender 12

forage extender 12
Formulated for all classes of livestock grazing pasture or hay

The HLSForage Extender 12 is an energy-rich, highly fortified supplement that is specifically designed for all classes of cattle, sheep and goats. Due to the increase in energy and protein intake, along with a highly available vitamin mineral content, Forage Extender 12 is an excellent choice for all types of livestock grazing separately or together on pasture or harvested forages. The addition of yeast culture stimulates the digestive system to digest a higher percentage of forage or grain being consumed. This occurs due to an increase in microbes and digestive enzymes throughout the digestive tract.


Advantages of HLS™  Forage Extender 12
  • No waste
  • Healthier animals because the digestive and immune systems are working efficiently
  • Controlled consumption
  • Fortified with highly available vitamins and minerals
  • Weather-Resistant
  • No fillers or binders; just 100% nutrition
  • Economical to feed



Crude Protein (Min)12.00%Manganese(Min)400 ppm
Crude Fat (Min)4.00%Copper (Min)10 ppm
Crude Fiber (Max)4.00%Copper (Max)15 ppm
Calcium (Min)2.00%Cobalt (Min)10 ppm
Calcium (Max)3.00%Iodine (Min)40 ppm
Phosphorus (Min)1.50%Selenium (Min)8 ppm
Magnesium (Min)3.00%Vitamin A (Min)150,000 IU/lb
Potassium (Min)3.00%Vitamin D (Min)20,000 IU/lb
Zinc (Min)600 ppmVitamin E (Min)100 IU/lb
Total Sugars (Min)34.00%