Natural Forage Extender 20

 Natural Forage Extender 20

Natural Forage Extender
20% all natural protein supplement formulated for beef cattle

Natural Forage Extender 20 is designed as a supplement for Beef Cattle on pasture or medium to low quality hay. It is fortified with all the nutrients needed to supplement southern forages. Due to the fact that it is an all-natural protein product, it is okay to run horses in the pasture with cows. All you need to supplement cattle is HLS™, salt, pasture or hay.

Advantages of Natural Forage Extender 20
  • No waste
  • Economical to feed at .5 to .75 pound per head per day
  • Licking increases saliva, a natural rumen buffer, so rumen pH is optimized
  • Efficiency of the digestive system is increased, so cattle will more completely digest what they consume
  • Fewer health problems because an efficient digestive system ensures an efficient immune system
  • Consistent product quality due to the continuous flow process
  • Constant nutrient delivery to your cows because of the slow release of HLS products and ingredients are not changed each time a product is made



Crude Protein (Min)20.00% Manganese (Min)800 ppm
Crude Fat (Min)6.00%Copper (Min)300 ppm
Crude Fiber (Max)3.00%Cobalt (Min)30 ppm
Calcium (Min)2.00%Iodine (Min)28 ppm
Calcium (Max)3.00%Selenium (Min)8 ppm
Phosphorus (Min)1.00%Vitamin A (Min)100,000 IU/lb
Magnesium (Min)0.50%Vitamin D (Min)10,000 IU/lb
Potassium (Min)3.00%Vitamin E (Min)100 IU/lb
Zinc (Min)1000 ppmTotal Sugars (Min)34.00%