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I Would Be Afraid To Not Use It

I’ve been using HLS tubs since 1990; nearly 30 years. I keep them in every pasture year-round’ 24 hours a day. This gives the calves the same access as the cows which results in heavier, healthier calves at weaning time. The chelated mineral package in the 15% tubs also helps the breed-back on cows, even in dry times. Additionally, the tubs are convenient and easy to put out. After using this product for so long, I would be afraid to not use it.

Mike Priddy, Talpa, Texas




My wife and I ranch in southeast New Mexico. We have had a commercial herd on this ranch since the late 90’s. We started feeding HLS Advantage Stress 15% protein mineral tubs in 2013 after coming out of an extreme drought. Over the past six calving seasons, the conception rate has increased from the high 80’s to the mid 90’s, and the calving season has shortened. We have been in a drought most of this time, but we have witnessed a more consistent body condition of the cows and a consistent lactation through the inconsistent grass production. The cows’ body condition through the winter, even through late spring, after calving held much better with no winter moisture or spring rains. As soon as we got rain, the cows responded immediately. The calves grew at a uniform rate even through the extreme dry months.

HLS formulated a custom tub to aid us with an increasing sulfur water problem, which is common in our area. The new tubs, in our opinion, have greatly reduced the number of sulfur poisonings in the last two years. We were having in excess of 15 to 20 cases a year. This year we have had only two.

We feel the HLS protein mineral tubs increased our conception rate and maintained a constant nutritional balance for the cows and calves through the very erratic range conditions of the past years. By using the tubs, we feel this product is affordable and one of the most valuable tools in maintaining and keeping our herd producing.

Ross Chesser, Southeastern New Mexico